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Welcome to justLetak! Property site! – now renamed as “myrealproperty.online” This site has been around from as early as Oct 04, 2018. This platform is managed as group websites under AgentMY.Online. They are intellectual properties under AgentMY Online (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd – 6 IPs shown in below banner.

Purpose of Video Making here.

In the Real Estate Industry, there are basically three types of people:

  • Seller & Seller’s Agent
  • Buyer & Buyer’s Agent
  • Commentator/Regulator

Most websites on real estate industry lean towards the “Seller” as they pay the fee (commission, incentive or advertising fee). This website however, embraces the philosophy of leaning towards the “Buyer” and “Commentator/Regulator” instead of the “Seller”.

This is our major difference from other websites. You, as the seller or buyer can use this website to advertise your listings or request for listings. We stand in the middle, we aspire to be the best independent property commentator in the region. You can choose to advertise in our website free of charge!

There are 4 things you can obtain from this site:

  • Property listing – For Sale and For Rent
  • Video Recording of various topics of Real Estate Agency Practice
  • Read Reviews/Articles – For various Projects and Comments around the Region

The aim of this site is to give good analysis on property listings as well as organize data to provide targeted service to our clients.

Yours truly,

Site Admin, 14th November, 2018

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