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144 (Sep 2021) simyansun estateagentexam justletak justletakproperty justcontract2u findWHERE Video Presentation Introduction 2019 Tax Q Analysis Becoming an estate agent […]
  • 144 (Sep 2021)
Video Presentation Introduction2019 Tax Q AnalysisBecoming an estate agent 2001 Amendment to VAEP 2017Zoom 001 History LPEPH041 – 001Intro
Navigation 1 2019 Mkt Q AnalysisPurpose of video making002 PM v TAZoom 002/I Tax042 – Basics
Career 1.12019 BT1 Q AnalysisFinal MIEA BOD Presentation 003 Tenancy AdministrationZoom 002/II Tax043 – Dealings
Career 1.22019 Law Q AnalysisNew feature navigation 004 Illegal v legal agentsZoom 003 Mkt044 – Vendor
Career 1.32019 Eco Q AnalysisSocial media marketing introduction 005 Why illegals do not want to be legal?Simple Frontend Website045 – Buyer
Career 1.42019 LEc Q AnalysisHow to compare properties 006 Full-time v part-time026 Bloody Eye046 Developer
Career 1.52019 EAL Q AnalysisSimulation contract2u 007 Video making for EAP029 Intro findwhere047 – Lawyer
Definition of Estate Agency Practice2019 Val Q AnalysisFuture of Contract2U.com008 RPGT in brief030 Website 101048 – Agent
Exception to Estate Agency Practice2019 LRP Q AnalysisPitch Deck009 Why NOT agency website?049 – Banker
Contract2u edited Dilemma of EA2019 BT2 Q AnalysisConsortium Part 1010 Influence050 – Valuer PM
My new Logitech C920 Pro2019 EAP3 Q AnalysisConsortium Part 2011 User-directed website051 Landlord
Navigation 2New Subscription System S2justletak WINDOW012 Listing Websites Part 1052 – Tenant
General Intro to Diploma Estate AgencyPurpose of E-LearningICT in Real Estate Mandarin Version013 Listing Websites Part 2053 – Portfolio
How to focusRegistration & Navigation018 Standardization014 PropTech054 – GOV
Online E-LearningHow I use my website to answer questions 1019 What issue BNM?015 3/5 Layer Thinking055 – Foreigner
Why EAP is regulated?How I use my website to answer questions 2020 Inflating self & group016 Choices in life056 – Scam?
Property Taxation Summary 20192019 Law D02 Answers Explained021 FB Optimization017 Misrepresentation057 – 3%
Introduction to Law Summary 20192019 Eco D03 Answers Explained021 FB Optimization Mandarin Version022 Predicting Post-Covid058 – iT
Land Economics Summary 20192019 Tax D04 Answers Explained Part 1024 Speed Matters023 Starter-kit for New RENs059 – IPI
EAL Summary 20192019 Tax D04 Answers Explained Part 2027 War Zone025 Estate Agency Starter-Kit060 – Edu
Valuation Summary 2019 2019 Mkt D05 Answers Explained 031 iT Real Estate (updated)061 – Summary
LRP Summary 2019Teaser for Answers Explained Series033a My TPC1062 – Stamp Duty Exemption
REAP Summary 20192019 BT1 D06 Answers Explained033b My TPC2
Economics Summary 20192019 LEc D07 Answers Explained034 My Website Journey
Marketing Summary 20192019 EAL D08 Answers Explained035 Pot calling Kettle black
BT2 Summary 20192019 Val D09 Answers Explained036 半路出家
BT1 Summary 20192019 LRP D10 Answers Explained037 Msia v Spore REAP
2019 Eco Q Analysis2019 EAP D11 Answers Explained038 REN ready for Exam?
2019 Law Q Analysis2019 BT2 D12 Answers Explained 039 Challenges to REN Exam
New Membership Subscription Explained040 FSBO & FRBO
E-Wallet Explained063 財富&財务自由
028 Prospective Subscriber
032 Quick Tips Estate Agent’s Exam 3 languages

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