General T & C


This are the Terms & Conditions for being registered “Members” of LPPEP Self-Study Group. All “Members” are of the same level.

“Members” are special persons:

  • entrusted by the Group to safeguard the interest of this Group.
  • volunteered as caretakers to ensure continuous improvement of this Group.
  • expected to contribute to the general strategies of this Group.

From the Members, there are only maximum of Two (2) REA/PEA/REN Members per Township, one as Lead, and the other as Deputy Lead to be given duty (including the above):

  • To lead the members in the region/township to scale higher.
  • To assess listings and periodical reviews of the properties in the designated region/township.
  • To organize activities of the Group in the region/township.
  • To develop Digital Platform in the future.

All the Members are allowed access to the private subscriber section of the database.

*The above rules can be changed by more than half of the members voting for it in a properly convened meeting. Quorum is set at 80% of total membership on the date of sending out notice of meeting. Proper meeting is by advance notice of 30 days. No proxy is allowed.

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