RRP Sibu 06 Jul, 2024 – 95 pax

REN Renewal Program (RRP) was conducted for the first time in Sibu, Sarawak for the year 2024 (previously was called CDP) to enable RENs to apply for renewal for year 2025. As BOVAEP has issued circulars that RENs who fail to renew will be required to sit for NCC (Negotiator Certification Course) to resume practice, see below the related circular issued on 23rd May, 2024.

RENs are like PEAs and REAs, their annual practicing authority (REN Tag, PEA Tag or REA Tag) will expire 31 December of every year. For the REAs, this is called Authority to Practice (ATP), both for personal level as well as for firm level.

Yearly, the renewal starts on 01 Oct for REAs and PEAs. However, generally for the RENs, the time is set to 01 Dec. This leaves the renewal of expiry REN Tag till end of 31 Dec – which is one (1) month. RENs need their firms to submit for renewal satisfying the required documents as in Circular below. For the first time, BOVAEP now requires RENs to also submit their Bankruptcy Search – a Declaration that they are not undischarged bankrupt with the insolvency department. See https://e-insolvensi.mdi.gov.my for search and print out of search result (RM10 is fee to perform the search and print out the result). All that are attached to their application, their firm will submit to BOVAEP for the renewal.

In case of short of time, the grace period of renewal is extended to the following year from 01 Jan till ends on 31 Mar. Which means, a REA/PEA/REN who is having their registration expiry on 31 Dec, can have a grace period until 31 Mar the following year to renew their practice authority.

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