20180330 Estate Agents are full time?

20180330 (Fri)

Why is estate agency a FULL time profession? Can a Probationary Estate Agent (PEA) or a Registered Estate Agent (REA) be a part-timer? The answer is NO! A REA/PEA must conduct his vocation FULL time? Why is it so?

Traditionally, Estate Agency Practice (EAP) it is a “hit & run” business. And, it damages the image of the profession. There is a reason for that. Most people won’t buy property everyday. In fact, some (getting bigger) cannot even afford a house in a lifetime. So, the profession of estate agency cannot bring in consistent income. Imagine having to pay instalments, tuition fees, and medical expenses monthly. Many would go for part-time because bills got to be paid end of the month! However, the issue is “Trust”. Would you want to be seen by a doctor who is a part-timer? It is the same for EAP. If an EA is not FULL-time, he is in conflict of interest to serve his clients. He cannot give his 100% attention to his client. Hence, this being required by the law, most EA or REN are either senior in age (semi-retirement) or adequately prepared to go without income for a while. As young (new) agents might have to look for side incomes to sustain living, the service level drops because they do not have the time. Such is an inherited issue within the profession. This profession requires long term effort, and many a time, it goes without income!

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