20180804 How about Penthouse?

20180804 (Sat)

How to calculate the share unit of a penthouse which occupies the entire floor on top of a condo?

This penthouse would have the whole area of the building as there is no other neighbour besides it. The weightage W2 will affect its calculation.

Let us say the penthouse has the below measurements:

Build-up area – 630 sqm

Outdoor Deck – 180 sqm

4 car parks – 64 sqm within the exclusive parking level inside the building

Lift lobby – 35 sqm

Lift lobby and corridor are air conditioned.

Whole floor parcel (630+180+35= 845 sqm)

Share Unit of this penthouse:

845 x 1.30 x 0.85 + 64 x 0.5 = 934 + 32 = 966

This share unit will determine how much voting rights this parcel owner has in the meetings. It also is used to calculate his share of service charge to pay. For example the total share unit of the whole condo is 40,000 share units, and the monthly expense is RM100,000. His share of service charge would work out to be:

966 / 40,000 x RM100,000 = RM2,415

Whereas the unit which is 120 sqm with share unit of 128 has to pay:

128 / 40,000 x RM100,000 = RM320

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