20190131 Project Sale v Sub-sale, Part 1

20190131 (Thu)

What is the difference between developer sale (project sale) and sub-sale? From the perspective of agency. Part 1.

Traditional agency relied on sub-sale (secondary market) and rental. Developer used to have their own sales team so project sale is a specialization when they outsource to estate agents. This can further divided into two.

First is project sales by legally appointed estate agency firms. Second is project sales by so called “marketing consultants” who are not legally appointed. Today, we touch on the legally appointed estate agency firm doing project sale. They can be further divided into two:

1. Consists of agents and negotiators focused on project sale alone.

2. Consists of agents and negotiators doing both project sale and sub-sale.

It is hard to limit agents or negotiators just focus on project sale. This is especially so during the bad time (like now). Project sale is by nature a pot of honey during good time. Why is it so? Because customer walk in without much advertisement. The job of securing instruction by seller is done only once (only 1 developer/or few developers). Hence, this makes the job of concluding a sale very straightforward and simple.

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