20190403 (Wed) What is so different about land laws in East Malaysia?

20190403 (Wed)

What is so different about Land Laws in East Malaysia?

Most of the time, people ask me why is there only 60 years of lease in Sarawak and yet in West Malaysia, the leasehold land is usually 99 years and there are many freehold land?

To this question, I would like to research into Sarawak Land Law and share my learning here. In fact, in the Estate Agent Examination, the syllabus we used is the West Malaysia Land Code – or the National Land Code. And, in Malaysia, there are three different land laws –

  • National Land Code – governing most of West Malaysia*
  • Sarawak Land Code (Chapter 81)
  • Sabah Land Ordinance (Chapter 68)

* Land is a state matter – so different state would have some local variables. Therefore, knowledge of local land code is a must in perfecting our job as estate agency practitioners. To the general public, there is no alarm as it is the job of the lawyer and real estate practitioners.

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