20180730 E License is not valuable

20180730 (Mon)

I heard from one of my negotiator friend… he said the rea license is not as “valuable” as we think.. how true is it actually?

You do not need to be a REA to do estate agency practice. Why?

Because “Negotiators” are employed (or engaged) to assist the REA – S.22C (2A) of VAEP Act, 1981.

That means if you imagine that the REA is invisible, the Negotiator can basically runs the whole business. In many agencies, the Senior Negotiators are given their own sales team to run the business. You can have a Negotiator led Sales Team bringing business more than an entire agency in some successful modals.

In fact, in today’s social media, their Senior Negotiators are not even running the show – it is the celebrity “Consultants” who are running the business. These people are not even Negotiators! Why? Because selling without boundaries is the way to bring business. And, being a REA or Negotiator, you cannot simply say anything you want! The Board has a set of ethics and conduct to follow.

After all, the client wants good product. These consultants have convinced them of the goodness in these products. As for getting the clients into complication, hello!? Didn’t I say it is “potential future return”? I DID NOT promise “anything”!

Therefore, whether a doctor is a good or bad doctor, taking a medical leave really does NOT matter who is a good or bad doctor. Estate Agency Practice is like that! Your employer would not normally question the legitimacy of your medical leave as long as it is certified by a medical doctor registered with the Malaysian Medical Council. So, similarly your real estate client would normally not mind if it is a good or bad REA firm, as long as it is a good property or a profit buy.

Only when he does NOT get a good deal, he will question this firm. BUT, it is usually too late by then. The consultant will say “Well, in any investment, there is risk! We are sorry that it happened.”

“You know, we NEVER wanted that to happen as much as you do!” and probably end with a “We are sorry, but do come back for a better deal!”

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