20181006 Listing number and success rate, Part 2

20181006 (Sat)

Is your number of listing going to attract more business or it is the other way round? Part 2.

Then, what would be the best way to engage an agent? You said by checking his listings would not work. How then is to ascertain he is a good agent?

Those agents who keep his listing up to date and clean is a good agent. In fact, if his listing is beyond 50, he is already not able to manage all of them. Unless he has a team of negotiators, that would be almost impossible to manage all that properties. Some of the listings were there for ages. Most probably old and should have been discarded.

If beyond listing, what else you need to see? Simple, you must be able see his description of the listed property in greater details. If he is a good agent, he takes great concern and passion to describe and explain the listing. He would not merely cut and paste the listings. All this will give you indication that he is genuine in his conduct. This agent is serious about his work and would come to you as to be special. He will take your property as a special listing no matter how many listing he has.

How many buyer/seller would want to call up an agent who does not put his heart to his listing? Most of the listings are mere phishing for a response. Not serious about his job? Only serious about money?

Many are out there. None of them are very much different from each other. If you find one who is with few listings but detailed about them, may be this is the right one for you.

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