20190123 If you were to do it yourself

20190123 (Wed)

So, what do you have to do cutting out the estate agents?

It is not about saving fees. It is about the best price you can sell your property. To get the best demand for your property, you need to get more buyers. The way to get more buyers is to advertise and market you property! This is “Estate Agency Practice”. Of course, you can advertise and get your buyers yourselves. Nothing is stopping you for doing that. BUT,

1. Advertisement may cost you money

2. You need time and patience for the viewing

3. You have to filter that myriad of people (during good time)

4. Nobody is interested in your property (during bad time)

5. Funny strangers if you do NOT get offended

7. Lengthy price haggling, unreasonable ones too!

8. All that questions about your private matters (like are you migrating, running away?)

9. Why are you doing this, MrXYZ? You mean you need the money?

Property is something quite personal. Do you need to explain to people why you want to sell or rent a property? For e.g. you need money for your kid who is studying Fashion Design in the UK… Do you need to explain? You have a close associate from out of town, you just want to be nice renting a place for her/him – do you need to explain?

Tomorrow we will see other issues with DIY.

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