20190427 (Sat) How much furnishing is “fully furnished”? Part 1.

20190427 (Sat)

How much furnishing is “fully furnished”? Part 1.

There is probably endless expectation of what is “fully furnished” in today’s myriad of property rental. Mr Expatriate from Australia might have a different expectation of furnishing from a construction labourer from another country.

Some would consider having fully furnished unit means move in condition without doing any furnishing like that of a hotel. Then again, is it what you normally expect from a rental of residential property for long term stay? There are choices of personal preference and hygiene.

Do you expect the unit comes with bathing towel? Bedsheet and Pillowcase? Spoons and Forks and cooking utensils in Kitchen? Or even some junk food inside the refrigerator? A dryer for your clothes? Normal TV or a 63 Inches Smart TV?

Well, there is NO end to it right? Some would consider “Halal” as a major concern.

So, it can become misrepresentation in a tenancy dispute. Take for example, a prospect tenant first viewed the house with bedsheet and cooking utensil and then, upon taking vacant possession, these are no more provided. Or when viewing, TV was 63 inches 4K LED, but later this is no more to be found.

According to the landlord … it is not “market practice”?

Next posting we will continue this case.

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