20190125 Foreign buyer

20190125 (Fri)

Now, here comes Mr C who is a foreigner and willing to pay much higher price!

Remember we have a Mr C who is one of the buyers (A = Cash buyer, B = Loan 90%) in the process of selling Mr V’s house? This “Foreign Buyer C” would be willing to pay another 10% more on top of the offer by Buyer B! Would this be an attractive offer to seller Mr V?

Yes! Why not? But, the foreigner buyer have some issues. This issues will require some extra work, making sure transfer of title is not restricted by the authorities, etc. Would a lawyer work on all this without charging the buyer? No, right?

An estate agency practitioner will go all out to handle all this inquiries. It is its core business. Thus, getting all the issues sorted out, keeping his money in a client’s account and ensuring the transaction for the seller/buyer is protected. Over and above, there are some estate agency firms who are specialized in handling foreign clients and foreign properties.

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