20190215 Property v Mutual Fund, Part 3

20190215 (Fri)

So, tell me how! Buy property or put in mutual fund? Part 3.

Remember, all salespersons want you to buy something. A mutual fund salesperson wants to promote his funds. A broker/agent wants to sell or rent his listing. Nothing wrong.

Therefore, the answer to the above question depends on whom you ask the question to. A fund manager/sales person would want to say mutual fund is better. Vice versa, an estate agent or negotiator would say property is better.

Standing in between, and being more academic I summarize into two sides.

  • Risk Appetite: High – mutual fund; Low – property
  • Careful and meticulous: High – mutual fund; Low – property
  • Eagerness to learn: High – mutual fund; Low – property
  • Lifestyle (frequent changes): High – mutual fund; Low – property

Tomorrow, I will answer the question of RM500k, buy or not to buy, shorten or not to shorten the loan.

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