20190128 Why you need an illegal broker?

20190128 (Mon)

Why do you need an illegal broker?

There is this question in my mind – when you can do things properly, why do you still want to do it improperly?

Why do people still go to illegal brokers? Well, it is like two persons genuinely in love, both should be married in the proper manner. Why the man (or woman) does NOT want to be married? Simply there is something wrong, right?

With the number of good agencies nowadays, why are these illegal brokers still exist? Synonymous when there is proper marriage, why are there mistresses? Because there is demand.

There is an impression that illegal brokers charge lower fee. This includes saving in taxes. This is like mistresses will do things you wife won’t do! So, people want to use that illegal expertise for their own good – saving on lower commission and without the SST (6% of the professional fee). Or, not paying commission to illegal broker when deals are concluded. This is like throwing your mistress out after she has fulfilled your needs.

Therefore, why are the illegal brokers not realizing that they are being used (like mistresses)? Indeed, just by registering with agency firm, they can be legal “Real Estate Negotiators = RENs”. Why DO NOT they become RENs? Because they do NOT want to share their commission with the agency firm!

Conclusion: All because of greed and selfishness. Both mistress and the man have their own needs/demand. This is how human being is. Where is morality?

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