20190105 Making big money? Part 1

20190105 (Sat)

Will being professional make big money? Part 1

First, being professional will be scrutinized. Second, being professional means interest of public is more than self-interest. Therefore, being professional will NOT make big money, simple.

Making money goes the opposite way. Why? Making big money means going all out, without being held back or being scrutinized. Best if it could be endless monopoly and “my way”. And, self-interest is more important than public interest. This is sad to say, but true.

As a professional doctor, lawyer and estate agent, if you think of self-interest and go all out, you will make more money definitely. Have you heard people saying “What could that surgeon do but cut?!” “You know, agent just wanna close deals!”

So, why still a professional highlights himself as “professional”? Because he wants to have best of both world. Tomorrow we discuss about this.

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