20190207 Rich v Poor, Part 2

20190207 (Thu)

Rich vs Poor, what have you to say? Part 2.

Parking my car, I came out sorting some documents at the rear seat with the door open. A big black BMW drove in and parked behind me, blocking my car.

Rich Woman winded down the left side window and spoke: Hei, are you going off soon? I want to park here… for a while.

I was thinking why on earth you have to block my car? This happens often when shop owners arrive late to work and all parking around their workplace had been taken up.

I answered: Well, I will need to reverse, just being considerate please…

She said: I know it is no parking… but I’m just in front of the shop (pointing to her corner shop few cars away).

I could see there is still some space in front of her car… so I said: Please move forward a bit … with hand gesture waving her to move forward. She must have felt that I was rude by giving her order!

Obviously she was NOT too happy about it. Well, Rich people cannot take order from poor/ordinary people! Pissed… she drove forward with her mouth murmuring “Fxxk You!”

So, you see how some rich people complain – outrageously the world owes them a living.

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