20190429 (Mon) How much furnishing is “fully furnished”? Part 2.

20190429 (Mon)

How much furnishing is “fully furnished”? Part 2.

What you see is what you get. That is the position of contract. Therefore, the rightful manner it should be carried out is:

1. Owner or agent advertised “fully furnished” or “partly furnished” or “empty unit”

2. Prospect tenant making inquiries and viewings

3. Negotiation and offer terms

4. Making booking payment with terms

5. Owner accepts payment with terms

6. Taking final inspection with terms fulfilled

7. Full payment and signing of tenancy agreement

8. Taking vacant possession (keys)

When a unit is tenanted, it should be told that it is not exactly the final condition for vacant possession as tenanted units are furnished with belongings of the current tenant. However, even a vacant unit for tenancy might have belongings of landlord yet to move out. So, this is to be explained.

As the prospect tenant has viewed the unit, and is satisfied with the unit – “as is where is” basis, the subsequent negotiating would render further requirement (in most cases). That might include additional furniture or equipment. For example, extra beds, study tables, cabinet or even water heater, dryer, etc.

Landlord usually will only proceed to get those items (not necessarily new) after the prospect tenant has completed payment (as part of the terms). At this point, the contract is formed – as there is offer and acceptance and consideration paid. However, at this point of time, if the prospect tenant (now confirmed tenant) is dissatisfied with the item added – due to condition of item is faulty or item added is not to his expectation – there can be dispute. How then can this dispute be dissolved?

There could be misrepresentation during the viewing. We carry on tomorrow.

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