20190104 Soliciting for listing

20190104 (Fri)

You all agents are bloody greedy! Charge so much and pestering me to let you sell my house! Get lost!

I guess somehow there are black sheep among all professions. Inevitably, you will hear some really bad ones in estate agency practice. This time, I want to let you vent your anger.

Agents are bloody greedy!

True, some are. Indeed they are all in for the kill. Many are not concerned about whether you really need a house let along at a reasonable price. They just want to make money and get rich fast. To hell they care for your interests!

Pestering to get deals!

True, many are. They can be pestering or just being nice, sending you all sorts of reminders, greetings, and celebration wishes – just to have a deal! After all, what is in it for him? He wants to close deal and get paid! To hell he cares if you are annoyed or not!

Nowadays, you need to be smart to choose your agents. In the next few days, I will post “Will being a professional make BIG money?”

*MEAS2014 Standard 5

5.2.8 An estate agent must not directly harass any person in order to gain instructions and neither shall he repeatedly try to gain instructions in a way likely to cause offence.

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