20190115 EAP replaceable by LP?

20190115 (Tue)

Why is Real Estate Agency Practice (EAP) NOT replaceable by legal practice (LP)?

You probably heard many times that you should go direct to a legal firm to settle your property transaction. Even for letting your property, you probably also heard that only a lawyer can do your tenancy agreement.

Yes, these are all true. You can in fact, settle all what is required in a legal office without going through an estate agency.

So, why is there estate agency practice? What is its added value? If legal practice can complete all the requirement of transactions, why should you still ask for the service of an estate agency? Similar is the case of Doctors and Pharmacists. If you can get all your medication from a doctor’s clinic, why should you go to a pharmacy?

This, we will discuss in the next few days.

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