20190122 Harassing the owner

20190122 (Tue)

What is not harassing the owner if he just wants to sell the property himself?

After having read Part 1-5, you see that having a good deal is by having more buyers, right? Of course, this is just so simple. You could find all your buyers yourselves!

Correct! You advertise your property yourself! You determine the pricing yourself and do the viewing yourself! Save the agent’s fee!

Nothing wrong. You are encouraged to do the selling yourself as owners. You have the full ownership of the property and legal rights to do so. Real estate agents and RENs are not supposed to harass you unless you approach them for their service. IT IS NOT GOOD PRACTICE for an agent to solicit for a fee by saying he can best transact your property. Worse that he says that owners cannot do it well by yourself. If you hear that from a cold-calling agent, please turn him down straight away! This type of cold-calling should be stopped!

He can however, say that he has been actively conducting estate agency practice and his firm is a registered firm with the Board (BoVEAP). He can also list out his track record in the area. How long has he been there. In fact, he can also say he is referred by so and so, or he saw your banner in front of the house. And, he can ask if you are willing to appoint his firm to represent you. Now, he needs to stop just there. If you say “No”, he can only say “Thank you” and leave his contact if later you might change your mind.

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