20190227 What are “Property Based Businesses”?

20190227 (Wed)

What are “Property Based Businesses”?

“Property-based business” includes a hotel, motel, hostel, plantation, quarry, marina, port, golf course, cinema, stadium, sports complex and hospital.

as in S.2 Interpretation.

Hence, you do NOT need to engage a “Property Manager” to manage a Hotel. You can own a building of Hotel, and engage a “Hotel Company” to manage a hotel. Of course, you can also manage it yourself without a “hotel manager”. Below is an example.

You have a few shops. You have converted them into “Inn”. Permit from local government was approved and granted, so you can start your business. You employ yourself and own cleaners, front desk, accounting clerks and bell boys cum guards. You have full team of staff with yourself as operation manager. This is called managing a property based business.

One day into future, you need a professional manager to manage it. So, you can appoint a “ABC Hotel Management Company” to come in to take over. You do NOT need to get a “Property Manager”.

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