20180327 Why remain as illegal?

20180327 (Tue)

Yesterday, we discussed about illegal broker vs registered agents. Today, we just analyze the reasons why these illegal brokers do not want to be registered?

In fact, they can attend course and qualify as registered Real Estate Negotiators (RENs). Indeed, there is no pass or fail in this REN Course. It is only a two day Negotiator Certification Course (seminar), no examination! I do not know all the possible reasons why they never want to be registered as RENs. Most probably they don’t want to share their commission? Or don’t want to pay for the 2-day NCC Course Fee (RM636 – MIEA). May be just do not agree to the law in the first place? To this, I have no answer. It is law. It is like paying for GST, income tax, having to stop at red light, smoking is wrong in an air-conditioned enclosure, etc it is the law. Go against the law if that is what you want. Take that risk and face the consequences. S.30 VAEP Act, 1981 stipulates the offence can be punishable with a fine not exceeding RM300k or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or both.

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