20180331 Launching of NOVA72

20180331 (Sat)

Launching of NOVA72 for NorthBank by Ibraco. Please see some pictures of the launching at Hilton Grand Ballroom above. All 72 units SOLD!!! Tomorrow – Sunday 1st April, 2018, we will still be in Hilton Grand Ballroom, 9.00am – 8.00pm!

Senior members (in age) tend to be the profile of agencies in East Malaysia. Probably, younger generation are coming to this profession gradually. The RENs are also more senior. They need not have to worry about consistent income at that age. Most of their liabilities have been paid off. Remember, Estate Agency Practice does not guarantee consistent income. Many cannot commit to monthly instalment as there is no basic salary in this job! In order to produce results, some even go to the extent of stealing other’s listing. Due to competition, giving discount is inevitable. Therefore, some tends to compromise on service level. Put it blankly, nobody wants to be bullied by doing more and not being paid handsomely. Pay peanuts, get monkeys! On the contrary, public’s perception can be deceiving. Estate agency is perceived as a lucrative business. But, the truth is not everyone make it to the riches. This results in failure of adequate ground work, lost of follow up, and cut in service level. Now, with the amendment of VAEP Act, 1981, tenancy administration is allowed Estate Agency Practice. May be this area of specialization will enhance the service level of agents. Hence, it will bring this profession to a higher level equivalent to our counterparts overseas.

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