20180516 Should you give IC and Land Title Information?

20180516 (Wed)

Should you give your IC and land title if prospect does not put deposit (booking fee)?

In a normal process of selling your property through an agent, the agent will handle all this. So, you need not have to worry.

However, if you prefer to sell it yourself, it is sometimes very confusing when all sort of people asking for all sort of things from you.

Generally, as a rule of thumb, you only need to give your detail particulars when your buyer has given you some firm commitment. One of this is payment of booking fee. Before that, there is no reason to ask for this and that as it is unnecessary. Usually, we do not give photocopy of IC or land title for unnecessary things.

In a normal sequence of events, the buyer view your property and negotiate for an offer price. At this stage, you still do not need to show him IC or land title. However, if he asks, as in most case he will, you need to give in to clear his mind. Do understand that buyers do not want to waste time when the property is not what he is viewing. The moment that identification is required by lawyer for Sale & Purchase Agreement (SPA), or bank loan application, it means buyer is firm and has put his booking fee.

If you give the property to an agent, usually an agent will ask for only one thing – your proof of possession (Land Title/Sale & Purchase Agreement). Why? Similar to the reasons above, this is to answer the buyer when they want to be certain that what they are viewing is indeed the property for sale.

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