20180704 It doesn’t matter if you are experienced

20180704 (Wed)

It does not matter if you are experienced or a newbie. What have you to say?

When a customer is at your sales gallery, he is more interested in your models/display than how knowledgeable you are in property investment. Questions would most likely be:

  1. How much is the maintenance fee?
  2. What are the freebies?
  3. How many bedrooms?
  4. How many car parks?

Seldom you get questions like:

  1. Now, there is no more GST, how is the price of property like?
  2. Buying Condo better than landed, or the other way round?
  3. What is the best strategy in property investment?
  4. Why property is so expensive?

The set of question above in the gallery is the reason that you do NOT need to be an expert in property to answer them. A SPM leaver can do the job well. In fact, I think a simple minded person would do the job better than a well researched person. If you are more intellectual, you will get bored!

On the contrary, the second set of questions would require much more in-depth discussion. Many a time, you also need to have figures or data to back you up. However, a developer or sales manager (Senior REN/PEA/REA included) would prefer you NOT to explain the details. Why?

Because it is a waste of time! They just want a sale! Doing consultancy work seldom result in a sale! No Sale, No Commission. It is a stupid waste of time! So, don’t do consultancy work when you are just asked to sell.

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