20180721 Banner requirement

20180721 (Sat)

What are the required information in a banner?

There is standard requirement on a banner following Rule 122 Signboards and Posters of VAEP Rules 1986.

(2) All signboards and posters used may display his name, registration number and designation and the name, address, logo, telephone number, facsimile number and electronic mail address of the firm and shall display the logo of the board.

I cannot dispute the requirement as it is the “Rules”. However, a Negotiator, Agent (REA or PEA) usually are not in the office. Therefore, the office number might not be so useful or practical anymore on this day and age. In modern time, almost everyone carries a mobile phone, and thus the mobile phone number should be more useful than an office number.

The other reason that an office telephone number should be used is to ensure the public access to the firm for verification purpose. For example, a bogus agent uses an agency firm (probably he was fired) number and public can call the firm to find out if he still works there.

Inevitably, he would have thought that people could call his firm and find out he has been fired! Or, at the very least, his intention to deceive the public! So, the agency phone number he would advertise is probably also a fake number.

All in all, the office number would not be so useful anymore in today’s circumstances. The public should verify the validity of the Negotiator or Agent via the LPPEP website – www.lppeh.gov.my. You can perform a search on the database of LPPEP for firm number, and the registration status of the agent/negotiator.

*As this database is not perfect, some searches might disappoint you as the Board may take some time to process the application of an agent to be inserted into the system.

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