20180807 Laws on tenancy dispute

20180807 (Tue)

What are the laws which govern tenancy dispute in Malaysia?

While we do not have a single act that governs all matters related to renting, The Malaysian Bar says that there are a number of provisions under Part 15: Leases & Tenancies of the National Land Code 1965, other laws that are used to solve any disputes related to tenancy are:

1. Contracts Act 1950 – for matters related to the tenancy agreement.

2. Civil Law Act 1956 – for matters related to rent payments.

3. Distress Act 1951 – for when the landlords wish to evict the tenants, the rights tenants have pertaining to the matter.

4. Specific Relief Act 1950 – landlords are prohibited from evicting the tenant, change the locks, etc without a court order.

5. Common Law/Case Law – for all matters related to tenancy.

Earlier posts on whether as landlord, if given circumstances that the tenant is unreasonable, you as owner can lock up, stop electricity and water supply, or even beat up your tenant? These topics were discussed. The answer is “CANNOT!”



Tomorrow onward I will post some calculation matter on investment in real property. Despite that it will be quite protracted as today’s calculation might be forgotten tomorrow, I hope it will not be too complicated.

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