20181005 Listing number and success rate, Part 1

20181005 (Fri)

Is your number of listing going to attract more business or it is the other way round? Part 1.

The answer to this is subjective. Re-phase, is listing number a key attraction to your seller or buyer?

I once had a comment that my Mudah.my listing is so few and compared to someone having few hundreds of listings, I must be poor and pathetic. So, I want to discuss this perception of the people in the real estate business.

If you were a seller, and you need to engage an agent, would you think that an agent with so many listing would have time for you? I do NOT think so.

If you are a buyer, and you need to source for a property, would even call an agent? Or do you just google for Mudah.my and iProperty.com? Survey your choice of property, irrespective of agent, owner, broker, whoever there is in the WWW?

So, in fact, an agent with lots of listing might just inflate oneself, nothing else. Misrepresentation, fraud and stealing others’ listing aside, if indeed he has all that listing, he would have no time for you!

But, is the industry in a race of listings? He who has the biggest listing is the best agent? I think this is a myth. Really, has anyone done any study to show that he who has the most number of listing would have the best business? I do NOT know, and I do NOT think so!

If that is true, Mudah.my and iProperty.com would not be in business today. Agents will have their individual websites with their own listings. And, by comparing listings agent by agent, the agent with the most listing will be the target of Inland Revenue Board for tax purposes.

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