20181222 When 95% payout, what for? Part 2

20181222 (Sat)

Remember, 95% of earning is paid to your workforce. As owner you take up 100% liability but paid less than 5% of the income. Actually, this is called “Kuli” or “Slave”. Your maintenance of the office and the wages of your administrative staff, accounting system, etc are at your own cost. Indeed, when you browse through Mudah.my, many REN and Firm Numbers are not in http://search.lppeh.gov.my. Simple, why should I share with the agency when it is my hard earn “blood and sweat money”?

In such case it would be better not to operate your agency. Just work for other agency as REN or being illegal – no need to even get your E-license. It is a lousy business, period.

The matter of commission payout of 95% is a new joke in the industry. Let us see how long this can last… Apparently, this method is deployed to expand the negotiator number so that the agency has the coverage of a huge area. The matter of sustainability is not in the consideration because when it cannot sustain, it will reduce the payout. Eventually, some will be unhappy and leave. So, most probably, this is just temporary.

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