20181228 Why can’t these brokers become RENs?

20181228 (Fri)

Why doN’T these illegal agents become “Negotiators”?

Selfishness and greed. They do NOT want to share their commission with the Agency! They want all the commission to themselves.

Well, how can you say that?! They are only “cari makan”. Indeed, it is like illegal 4Ds, they have all the reasons.

Inevitably, it is about the commission. How much is this sharing of commission that hurts the agents? In market practice, it is 40% or 30% to be channeled to the agency for running of the agency and contribute to the earnings of the agency principal. This includes operation of an office, rental, utility bills, staff salary, accounting/computers, indemnity insurance for the Client’s Account, a team of sales negotiators (including training and supports). For many agencies, this pool of money is also used for upgrading the websites, and even paying for advertisement.

Like a doctor, lawyer or a chef. An Agency Principal, who holds the license had to study for years to pass the examination. He had to spent money in education, degree or diploma. Some of this examinations can be in tens of thousands of ringgit – internal route is now quoted as RM22,000 in Kuching. Self-study mode by estateagentexam.com is RM1,200.

After that, he has to work as Probationary Estate Agent for 2 full years. Next, he has to go through the Test of Professional Competence (TPC) and this process will take another 1 full year or more! By then, 6-7 years have already passed. All these sacrifices mean stress, time and money.

On the other hand, negotiators just need to attend a 2-days Negotiator Certification Course (NCC) without any  examination. Yet, a negotiator can carry out 99% of the work as an agent and make the sales. Why is there still complaint?

And, outrageous of all, a Negotiator need not be responsible for the wrongs, it is the REA who is responsible. The agency contract is between the client and the principal, not the negotiator. Yet, the negotiator makes so much shares of the commission! Yet, they choose to be illegal agents!

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