20181231 I am a good investor, I don’t need an agent

20181231 (Mon)

Well, I am already a good investor. I do NOT need an agent. What say you?

In agency practice, the most crucial part is the “Client’s Account”. It is not how good a person – or the agent is in negotiating the deal. For a seasoned investor, you negotiate yourself. However, client’s account is very important.

As you are a seasoned investor, you should understand that no deal is a final until all conditions have become unconditional. Before it becomes unconditional, the contract is not formed. So, this period of time, many events can unveil. Some can be detrimental to your position.

During this time, you money – booking fee or earnest deposit – should be held in Client’s Account. The law protects that. If things turn the other way, you can ask back the money. Or, you have a right to bring to legal proceeding to be compensated when the seller turned down an unconditional deal.

YES, I know. You can trust your broker. No problem. Appoint your broker and find the buyer. Cheat the buyer if you want. It happens everyday. But, as a buyer, do you want to be cheated?

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