20181124 Electric meter my responsibility?

20181124 (Sat)

The Electric Meter and Switch at the ground floor of my apartment is vandalised. Is it my responsibility to make good this device or is it the Electric Company?

Recently I got puzzled when a unit of apartment for rent had no electricity. Further investigation showed that the main switchboard had been vandalised and due to wear and tear over time, it was turned off. Someone had switched off the supply because of the exposed fuse which could pose danger to the public.

The meter and the fuse is property of the electric company. I immediately called the company hotline and the outsourced technician came. However, they said it is not their job. This kind of problem the management corporation should take up and not them.

Feeling worried that someone could get hurt, I again called up hotline and asked for solution. The electric company said it is the electrical contractor of the management corporation who should look at after this. Nevertheless, I asked for the email address to lodge a report. I wrote an email with attached photographs of the exposed fuse.

Soon after submitting the email, I got a call that the technical team of the electric company will look into it. Indeed, the meters at the switchboard is the property of the electric company. How can they say management corporation is supposed to repair it?

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