20190107 Making big money? Part 2

20190107 (Mon)

Will being professional make big money? Part 2

Most people try to be professional to portray an image of “expert”. This means I am of added value. It is a marketing benefit. You are assured of value in engaging an expert. However, people forget the other side of the coin. The duty and responsibility of being a Professional. This encompasses regulated charges, scope of work and assurance/liability.

When an expert is regulated, scrutinized and liable to litigation, his earning potential is curbed. So, this is the reason that being a professional will not make big money. Big money is for the businesses, those without scheduled fees. Like being a movie actor, director, artist and even a property Guru. These types of “professionals” are not regulated. They can charge any fee and at times, disclaim liability.

So, why do you still want to be a lawyer, doctor or estate agent? Because you want to have the best of both world. Being an “expert” yet, NOT be regulated/scrutinized/liable?

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