20190430 (Tue) How much furnishing is “fully furnished”? Part 3.

20190430 (Tue)

How much furnishing is “fully furnished”? Part 3.

When tenant requests for further furnishing and dissatisfied with the item later on, what can you do?

Take for example, a prospect tenant show the unit for rent and paid booking fee stating the condition that “I will take this house if you add in an extra TV for me in the master bedroom”.

Upon taking vacant possession, the tenant disagree with the type of TV in the master bedroom, and insisted that it be changed. What is the standard practice?

Now, it depends on the condition of the TV already existing in the living room. During viewing, there was a TV already in the house. So, this TV became the standard for the next TV which was further requested.

Now the new TV should be at least the same standard of the existing TV. If the TV in the living room is 49 inches 4K UHD LED, then, the landlord has to provide similar type inside the master bedroom, unless agreed otherwise.

Similarly, if the viewing was with bedsheet and bedspread for the beds, then the new beds should be equipped as such. However, if it was without bedsheet and bedspeed during viewing, unless requested, it will be provided as viewed. Further items will incur higher rental, of course to the tenant.

Therefore, if it was presented as such, and later on not provided, it could be construed as misrepresentation. Misrepresentation could be a trigger for a voidable contract.

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