Analysis 2020 Exam Candidates

On 29 Dec, 2021 BOVAEP issued a Notification for the 2020 Examination Candidate list. This list of candidate is the first time we have data from reliable source for analysis of this examination.

There are 2 key points I would like to stress on this analysis:

  1. As this numbers were of the candidates registered for the 2020 examination, it does NOT represent the other years of examination.
  2. This information does not capture progress of candidates over time, hence it does NOT represent the passing rate of the examination.

Nevertheless, we can rely on this data to arrive at the below analysis:

Klang Valley (Selangor/Kuala Lumpur) contribute to the largest group of candidates. The percentage of total national is 289/506 x 100% = 57%. This is inline with the number of agencies in Klang Valley.

Johor is the second region with 32% of total numbers of candidates in the country. This is however higher in percentage than the numbers of agencies in Johor. See my earlier analysis of firm numbers in Malaysia below.

Penang comes third at 6% of the total candidate numbers for 2020. Penang consists of 10% of number of agencies in the whole country.

Sarawak and Sabah are the lowest of all with 2% and 3% respectively. Both are at 3% and 4% of the agency numbers in the country.

Although it is not reflective of the passing rate, only 38% of those in Part 1 remains to take exam in Part 2.

We do NOT have the numbers of graduates from Part 2, hence we cannot estimate the total passing percentage of the examination. It would very likely be less than 20% of the number registered to do Part 1 examination in the initial stage.

For every 2.6 person (3 be realistic), only 1 will progress to Part 2.

This is a single year analysis. Traditionally, many would go for this examination during the “good years” where property industry is generating much speculative interest. Due to COVID-19 and the low seasons of the economic cycle, this analysis may be blurred by many who dropped out of the exam due to lack of interest.

Klang Valley = 416 + 412 +13 = 841 firms – 61% of firms in Malaysia.

Johor = 137/1366 x 100% = 10.0%

Penang = 127/1366 x 100% = 9.3%

Sabah = 58/1366 x 100% = 4.2%

Sarawak = 40/1366 x 100% = 2.9%

Thank you.

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