140 Withdrawal of Circular 3/2023 Liberalization

Circular 9/2023 which withdrew earlier circular 3/2023 below.

Item 1 about Liberalization is particularly referred.

On 15 February , 2023, Board came out with Circular 9/2023 withdrawing earlier Circular 3/2023 as shown above.

The possible reason is with regards to Item 1 – Participation of Non-Registered Persons in Estate Agency. This is what was called “Liberalization” Scheme previously rolled out in 2020. This scheme was offered to Estate Agencies to move on to Liberalization by 2023, which later was extended to 2024.

See earlier Circulars in the write up on a chronological order below:

Liberalization vs Non-Liberalization by Circular LPPEH

Guidance for the Registration of Firms

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