20180326 Illegal vs Legal

20180326 (Mon)

Illegal Broker vs Registered Agent has always been the issue of dispute. Many have the opinion that as long as there is trust, they are the same. Are they?

At first sight, it might seem to be. If you are a trustworthy person, when you advertise to public and you deliver what you say in the advertisement, it seems okie.

There are many excellent “You” out there but inevitably, there are some who are not! So, the law cannot allow the few who are bad to ruin the social trust system. To protect the public, a certain law and order need to be in place.

If everyone just obey the traffic light, there is no need to have camera, right? That is why there are policemen, guards, courts and judges. If the illegal brokers are so trustworthy, they are most welcomed to come forward and register themselves as Negotiators.

Tomorrow we will see why they do not want to get registered.

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