20180609 What is Mixed Zone?

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Then, what is Mixed Zone? What is ‘Forest Reserve’? Classification vs Category?

‘Classification’ of land is different from “Category” of land. Classification in different jurisdiction differs in name and purpose. It is more of community protection rather than economic use of land. An example is NCR – Native Customary Rights.

In Sarawak, classification of land is as below:

  • Mixed Zone Land;
  • Native Area Land;
  • Native Customary Rights (NCR) Land;
  • Reserved Land; and
  • Interior Area Land.

Within land code where such a plot of land can be alienated, it is then alienated for a certain category and its Land Use. So, for example, a  mixed zone land can be categorized as Town land and under Land Use of Commercial, Residential or Office.

A forest reserve or Reserved Land, of course cannot be alienated unless special circumstances permit. It is reserved as forest. There may be other laws like Ordinan Perhutanan 2015 which can be used to harvest forest produce or timber extraction. But, for land alienation to develop as residential (suburban – residential) the State Authority has to abide to the various terms as in the land classified as ‘Forest Reserve’.

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