20180702 What would you do when you are ‘me too’?

20180702 (Mon)

What would you do when you are taken as “Me Too”?

In the property gallery, every person is the same. It does NOT matter if you have 20 years of experience or a 2 months newbie. What do you have to say?

It is a random game! In a sales gallery or a launch, randomly people come to view the project at display. It is just by chance that you will get to serve someone. This someone can be a window shopper or a determined buyer. You have no control of!

Therefore, when a genuine buyer appears, you can make a sale. Thus, can you say you have done a good job? By performance on paper, yes. But, if it is a bad day, you might as well not turn up in the sales gallery! Doing exactly the same, your outcome is zero!

Such is the scenario of developer project sales. So, you need to understand your position. In such position, your performance is probably less than 20% dependent on yourself while more than 80% is dependent on the display or package that is offered by developer. Nothing about your skill set or your approach to servicing the clients that determines your outcome.

Hence, to play the game, the developer will conduct many sales galleries, show houses, road shows etc. That job is already “me too” among many developers. The more the advertising exposure the better the sales. Indeed, there is NOT much other way, either.

Owing to this, an estate agency firm has to strategize its approach into different market segments. That is a winning factor to be a more specific firm rather than just another outsourced sales machine for the developer.

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