20181212 50 REN

20181212 (Wed)

The question of 50 RENs. How are you going to manage your Team?

Adhocracy, a management term that says individual manage their own affairs – a system of flexible and informal organization and management in place of rigid bureaucracy. This is common in Legal, Accounting, Architecture and Engineering Firms.

There is no way a firm is going to keep their teams if everyone cannibalizes on each other. So, eventually some will cease to work together. In fact, even within the same team of five to ten persons, there can be friction and not everyone can see eye to eye to each other.

Hence, the solution is to probably have a bigger geographical area and sharing a common database. For geographical area, some would have to settle for less luxury/prime areas. As for database, some people would have to let go their selfishness of keeping the database to themselves. In the future, data is wealth. An agency which can keep and use data will thrive.

This is very hard to do.

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