20180816 Property vs Mutual Fund (and Rental) Part 5

20180816 (Thu)

In investment of property with aggressive rental yield coupled with capital value appreciation, how do you estimate that?

Let us assume that we decorate the house, put in furniture and let it out at a higher rental. Previous assumption was RM1000 rental for an apartment condo of RM500,000 over 20 years time. This apartment condo when maintained would have cost, e.g.

0.20 per sqf = RM200 per month

10% Sinking fund = RM20 per month

Other costs = RM50 per month

Bad Tenant = 2 months rental not paid (or agent fee)

Total = 270 + 167 = 437 per month outgoing.

Added with renovation and furnishing cost = RM30,000 initial capital investment – which includes all air-conditioners, washing machine, dryer, TV, refrigerator, kitchen cabinet, oven, microwave, tables, sofa, grille, bed and divan, mattresses, water heaters, etc. This is very conservative and definitely NOT designer standard items.

This cost of repair will increase every 5 years with estimated 10% increment every five years and a total overhaul in 10 years. At 10 years, the cost of capital investment would be doubled to RM60,000.


Initial capital investment = RM30,000


First 5 year maintenance cost = RM3,000

Interim overhaul cost = RM60,000

Final 15th year maintenance cost = RM6,000

Total cost = RM99,000.

Aggressive rental achieved = RM2,500 per month. Assuming the rental appreciation is at 10% over 3 years, ie. 3.33% per year,

Net rental yield per month at start = RM2,500 – RM437 = RM2,063 (rounding to RM2,000)

If every month this net rental is paid into a mutual fund earning an average annualized return of 10%, using annuity calculation for 20 years, the total money earned from rental plus interest:

RM2,000 x {(1.0111^240) – 1} / 0.0111 = RM2,368,372.

Less investment into furnishing etc (RM99,000) = RM2,269,372

Interest rate of 10% + 3.33% (rental appreciation) per month from Annualized 13.33% is 13.33 / 100 / 12 = 0.0111

Total return from value appreciation + rental investment return over 20 years is:

RM1,761,822 (Capital Appreciation) + RM2,269,372 (Net Rental earned with interest saving)

= RM4,031,194

Hence, if you have the discipline and focus on reinvesting rental yield, the outcome is just a bit less than  RM4.492 mio in mutual fund based on 15% on monthly RM3,000 for 20 years.

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