20181025 Is consulting for developer legitimate? Part 3

20181025 (Thu)

Is consulting (project sales) for developer legitimate? Part 3.

When a freelance contractor works with a developer to sell its products, they are “employed” by the developer. Salary or medical benefits aside, what protections do public have in dealing with them?

The freelance contractor are just like “temp” staff. That is all. They do road shows here and there. Today you deal with this gentleman, and maybe next time you see him, he is with a credit card sales or even Telco companies. But, for the purchaser of the property, you are stuck with this property for a lifetime.

The regulation for the real estate industry on sales is hard to enforce. These people carry name card with developer’s name and company. They are legitimate companies. Today, these salespersons works for developer A, and tomorrow for developer B. At times, they are also working for both A and B, or even C and D. He will claim that he is expert in all properties – which is very convincing as he deals with so many properties. Well, you do not need to be an agency to represent a real estate developer. You can be employed by developer and work as its employed staff. The question I have is most developer will not simply allow its products to be sold together with its competitors. Indeed, there is a certain element of misrepresentation or fraud involved. In layman term, there is udang di sebalik batu.

Imagine if 3 years down the road, your property is in distress. The developer went under receivership, what happen to him? Well, unaffected. He is in his luxury of comfort, might be doing something else entirely different and involved in big ventures! So, before you deal with anyone who say he is representing the developer, be careful… he might be a freelancer, no commitment to whatever he sells. Developer is similar as well! Better check the background of the developer before you buy anything!

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