20180823 Opportunists

20180823 (Thu)

There is this “So, you are so great? I don’t give a damn!” among the estate agency practitioners.

The profession of estate agency practice has been tarnished by traditional practitioners who are opportunists. This is the fact, and I can give you one common example:

You have a property for sale and engaged some brokers. Now, one broker will have a network of other brokers. When broker A talks to broker B, he will say I have 3 brokers from my side. The broker B will also say there are 3 or 4 brokers on the other side. All in all, when the deal is done, all 8 to 9 people come to you to ask for commission. Everyone says this buyer was introduced by him/her.

When you say I only deal with broker A, they will say cannot la, I introduced the buyer to broker A. When you ask broker A, broker A will say “yes, I know all of them, but I cannot give commission to all of them!” Then, everyone gets angry. By the end of it, the buyer says “I do NOT want to buy already!”

If you are broker A, you will have this problem. Broker B also has this problem. Broker XYZ too! Each will tell the other “So, you are so great? I don’t give a damn!”. It ends up that some brokers will only work with his own trusted group. It is the same for REA/RENs. It is human issue, not a color, race or religious issue. Why?

Because it is a hit & run business.

You do NOT expect to do another sale with the same person within a short time. IT IS MONEY! You take the money, and forget about this fellow for the rest of your career. You have the next POOR VICTIM to target. You do NOT waste your time!

You smell the blood, you just go!

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