20180824 Self-reflection

20180824 (Fri)

Having survived 6 months and gotten your PEA number, what say you about this job?

1. The job itself.

2. The perception of others of this job.

3. The truth about the job.

The job itself

Estate agency practice is a lazy job for me. I would say it is possibly a push factor, or lack of it. The advertisement is uploaded, so you wait for the phone call. The time is slow, so the push factor for viewing and instruction taking is few and far in between. So, the job becomes a mundane repeat in advertising, so called “bump” the mudah.my adverts and paying thru your nose for it!

The perception

Generally, the public perceived the estate agency practice as lucrative. You do NOT do much and make so much money! This is all wrong. The perception was created by many celebrity RENs or Brokers/Guru over the social media for gaining their influence to sell or recruit downlines. These are all on the surface. The real job isn’t so simple.

The truth

Despite that the majority of people are not smart, we generally think of ourselves as smart and superior. However, in the property field, these are smarter people than just general public – not academically smart, but street smart. This is because they have to manage this TOUGH job. Many are in the retirement age, some are youngsters who have just heard of their friend making big money in Real Estate! So, everyone tries to out-do each other by claiming that “I am better! I have made it!” Therefore, although the truth about this trade is NOT so appealing, the practitioners would NOT tell the truth. This is in order to show that they are successful.

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