20180908 Landlord NOT Owner! How? Part 1

20180908 (Sat)

If one day you found out that your landlord is NOT the actual owner of the house, what would happen to you? Part 1.

Nothing can really happen to you! Your contract to rent the house is as solid as it is.

Your fake landlord can be a close relative of the real landlord. It is just that the real landlord does not want to be seen. It is sometimes private arrangement between them, outsiders cannot and should not interfere. It is like renting a car or renting a room in a hotel, you don’t really care who owns the car or the hotel, right?

The issue comes as a problem when there is a change of status. Like renting a hotel room, when the hotel management wants to do major repair. Obviously, you cannot stay in that room anymore, correct?

So, it is the same with this landlord who owns the property. He can decide to do something with this property that you have rented. When that happens, you are asked to comply. Is this fair to you! Of course NOT!?

Therefore, the law is fair to both sides, by allowing two principle in law – the veil principle and the doctrine of undisclosed principal.

We continue tomorrow.

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