20181112 What happen if suddenly you can own a home by just 20% of its price?

20181112 (Mon)

What would happen if suddenly you can own a home by just 20% of its price?

Imagine you buying a meal at 20% of its cost. For example, you only need to pay RM20 for a Western Cuisine in a Buffet Dinner which originally cost RM100.

YOU will swarm into it!

Whether the food is really necessary is not important. The fact that you will have RM100 meal with just RM20 will make you crave for it. Next is your so and so friend posting in FB how nice it was with all sorts of photographs taken at the dinner.

What then will the food price going to be? Another hotel will launch RM160 meal and charge RM32 for it (with some  extra food maybe). The chain effect will be Buffet Dinner price going up and you will see some people stopping paying RM40 for RM200 meal. Some will still go, but there will be a point that 20% of a bigger number is still not worth it. BUT, where is this point? We do NOT know for sure.

Fast forward into the future, RM100 meal is no more to be found. There is nothing RM100 can buy. Everything has inflated to more than RM160, even a simple meal. So, this is the danger.

I do NOT know the future. However, if the crowd funding system is going to benefit the people, authorities have a tough job monitoring it. All the operators will be pushing for a higher price of their products. That will be a challenge to see what is going to happen.

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