20181215 Negativity in the future, Part 1

20181215 (Sat)

The question of future – negative better? Why can’t there be one decision/policy which makes everyone happy? Part 1

Lately, there has been reports about what will be the property market like in 2019. All I read are negative sentiments. From analysis, the data is not showing recovering market, instead the market will worsen. Some said volume may stay or even increase, but size of the property is smaller and per unit price is lower. This is interpreted as a general affordability problem, most people cannot afford bigger (ideal) homes. Instead, they have to go for less expensive but smaller homes. Thus, the one word summary is – negative news.

A lot of people (esp developers & agencies) cannot take “negative” answers, because it means less money, more problem. They blame the government for not doing anything good. Indeed, the government is responsible for the incentives and policies. On the other hand, there is another segment of people (homebuyers) who see this as price adjustments – good for their picks. Government stands in the middle. That should be the way it is. However, policies which lower the barrier for home-buying seems to be what both audiences look for. Developers want to sell and homebuyers who want to buy – is it Not the way?

Why cannot the government just make policies which satisfy both of them? Like ease the loan?

In the coming week, we dissect this issue.

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