20181229 Can you get agent to safeguard you as buyer/tenant?

20181229 (Sat)

Can you get the agent to be on your side?

If you are worried when you are in bad situation and you need the agent to be on your side – you have a choice – appoint your own agent.

In corporate deals, most of the time it is done through agencies. Agency A sells for Seller A and Agency B buys for Purchaser B. Both seller and purchaser need not even have to see each other. Agency A gets his commission from A and Agency B gets from B. In our setting, this is uncommon because purchaser wants to save on cost of purchase. One of the bigger items is agency commission. Hence, purchaser usually does NOT want to appoint an agent.

In situation when conflict happens, Agency A will protect his client – Seller A. Purchaser has nobody to rely on. If this agent is an illegal agent. He fears nobody but Seller A as he derives his commission from Seller. Do you think he would protect your right as a buyer/tenant? The answer is obvious, right?

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