20190102 What is ‘verified seller’?

20190102 (Wed)

What do you mean by “verified seller”?

If you use Mudah.my for selling or advertising, you should be familiar with this term “Verified”. The portal has the service of verifying the authenticity of the Seller or Buyer.

However, the level of verification is not “certification” or “vetting” because the document being verified is probably outdated. Mudah.my does not keep an updated status of the seller/buyer. Why?

Because they make money collecting advertisement fee. It does NOT owe the public the duty to ensure the authenticity of the “verified seller”. Therefore, you can understand why there are so many “Verified” Agencies and Agents who are not in the system of the regulator – http://search.lppeh.gov.my.

It is funny to see some REN numbers and agency firm numbers totally out of range – there is no E(9)xxxx for firm!

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